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Horoscope Taurus: the free daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscope for Taurus – from World of Wisdom

Your Zodiac Sign: TAURUS – The Bull [ April 19th - May 20th ]
Planet ruling Taurus: Venus | Fixed sign | Earth sign

The position of your sun in Taurus puts you in touch with the rock solid and fertile power of the earth, evoking in you a sense of being completely grounded and stable. Whilst deep in your inner being there is complete calm and equanimity, you have access to enormous strength that can be channeled into constructive deeds for very long periods of time and without exhaustion. You are a rock others can rely on, and while others bend with the wind, you stand firm. You are strongly associated with Nature and fertility and when you go within, you draw inexhaustible resources from your roots which go down to the very soul of Gaia.

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Star sign: Taurus

How does having the Sun in Taurus affect your professional life?

The main issues in your life center on building up a strong sense of self-worth. In career matters you would be happiest with a stable job and a regular income. Attaining a stable sense of self and building up a set of personal values that stand the test of time is priority number one. This may well manifest in a material way, but this is mainly because you have the ability to appreciate, enjoy and administrate the material things of this world. Because you have a fine appreciation of quality, this will naturally be reflected in the things you acquire. When you function well professionally people will see you as a person who they can rely on and count on for support. You are patient and determined, and you know how to consolidate your position after you have achieved a goal. You are extremely good at maintaining gains, once they are achieved.

How does having the Sun in Taurus affect your personal life?

Basically you seek stability and security. However some of the greatest testing times of your life come when your values change and periods of instability arise. These periods will often be accompanied by the need to lose or give up something to which you are extremely attached. Your fate is to understand the very nature of attachment and yet develop greater flexibility in the face of gain or loss. Partnerships can be affected by your inertia as regards the need for renewal and change. When your self-worth is reflected by inner values which can never be lost, you become a tower of strength for yourself and others. Other things being equal you can build a wall of security around your loved ones. However you may have rather fixed ideas and principles, and you rarely allow yourself to be influenced. When those around you desire change, this can create a good deal of frustration.

Taurus celebrities:

George Clooney, Jessica Alba, Chris Brown, Lily Allen, Penélope Cruz, Janet Jackson, David Beckham, Queen Elizabeth II, Jack Nicholson, Uma Thurman, Bing Crosby, Sigmund Freud, Orson Wells, Fred Astaire

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